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Why CircaCharge?

CircaCharge blends in effortlessly on your vehicle’s dashboard. Its sleek and compact design fits most smartphones. More than a charger, now you can enjoy hands-free calling, voice-activated GPS, always-ready social, backseat movies for the kids, and access to your music library all without having to worry about your smartphone battery.

Create Your Smart, Simple, Wireless Charging Environment

Start today! Keep your smartphone fully charged without having to deal with messy wires and cables. Setting up the simplicity of wireless charging only takes a few easy steps. Plug in your charger and place your phone on the charger.

The CircaCharge Team

We at CircaCharge saw the need for simple and convenient charging to stretch the limits of a fully-charged smartphone. Keep your smartphone fully charged with effortless charging. We’ve sourced and developed every part of our wireless chargers to keep you connected to friends, family and the hottest trending social topics.

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