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The Most Advanced Wireless Smartphone Charger Is Here — and It Works

Learn how this inexpensive [companyName] wireless car charger is changing lives every single day.

Replenish your smartphone’s battery life with this {companyName} wireless charging unit. It uses Qi wireless charging technology to restore your phone’s battery levels quickly as you drive.

You’ll never have to take along a 12V plug or a USB cord again. [companyName] solves the pain points of many existing wireless charging systems.

[[Most wireless charging systems aren’t designed for vehicles]]

{companyName} is one of the first products on the market that provides wireless charging within your car, truck, or SUV.

Most wireless chargers are used on tabletops or nightstands and aren’t designed to be used while traveling. That’s one of the best parts about [companyName] — it’s always mounted and ready to be used when you need it within your vehicle.

Never be left stranded with a dead phone battery again.

[[Wireless charging market is growing]]

More and more, people are looking for wireless charging solutions. They don’t want to deal with unsightly wires and prefer a clutter-free appearance in their car.

[[How does it work?]]

[companyName] glows purple when it’s working hard to restore your phone’s battery life, and it mounts directly into your air vent for increased stability. Pop your phone into the cradle and watch the magic happen as the battery begins to recharge.

[[Smart ergonomics]]

Its two side arms have a ribbed surface on the inside to keep a secure grip on your smartphone, ensuring it won’t fall out. They’re adjustable to accommodate any size phone. Whether you've got yourself an iPhone 8 Plus with plenty of screen real estate or any of the many Android phones out there, {companyName} is compatible.

[companyName] has a 360-degree swivel head, so you can find the perfect viewing angle as you drive. It functions excellently as a GPS mount, so you can keep an eye on navigation while you explore a brand new city.

Usually, GPS is a real battery drain, but not with {companyName} — it’ll keep your battery maintained and topped off as you use it. The same goes for when you’re rocking out to your favorite playlists. Use your phone as a music player while it sits on its [companyName] unit and it won’t run out of juice.


{companyName} works with all vehicles, even older models. As long as you’ve got an air vent to spare, {companyName} can work for you.

[[{companyName} is safe]]

Say goodbye to distracted driving or fumbling with wires as you struggle to handle the wheel and keep your eyes on the road. [companyName] lets you focus on the task at hand — driving — while providing a great view of the touch screen.

And if you need to make a quick call, {companyName} lets you use your device hands-free. It keeps the speakerphone functionality, so you can ask Siri or Google Home to make a call or send a quick text.

[companyName] saves you energy, effort, and time. Keep it mounted on your dashboard and you’ll never be scrambling to find a phone charging cord again.

[[Make Low Battery Anxiety a Thing of the Past.]]

Grab a {companyName} today!